Tourism and Pilgrimage

Placing a Note in the Wailing Wall

A tourist is interested in any and all while a pilgrim is usually interested only in those objects worshiping which is the am of pilgrimage. Tourists depend upon their mood, pilgrims feel the calling. A tourist may be inspired, at a loss, concentrated. His actions depend upon mood and well-being. Yesterday he was running across the narrow stone streets neglecting corns and taking photos. Today he may be lying on his bed in the hotel room and refusing to do anything. In the evening he probably eats out. Grilled sepia with tomato pesto , saddle of lamb and Madeira. If he wishes.
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Interesting Facts About Singapore

1.The word “Singapore” defines the country, the city and the capital at the same time.

2. Singapore covers the territory of one big island, but it also includes 63 small islands, most of them are uninhabited.

3. Singapore is located at the equator and the sun here is very cruel: you can get a solar burn even when the sky is cloudy.

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Oshibana: the Japanese Floristic Art

Oshibana is the ancient Japanese art of making pictures using natural materials such as dried leaves, feathers and dried flower petals. Several ages ago this art was considered to be the exclusive one and only the Japanese warriors called samurais were allowed to occupy themselves with that craft. Creating pictures using dried plants was supposed to help the ancient warriors to reach soul harmony and understand the wisdom of nature. The manuscripts of ancient Egypt and Judea also mention this craft.

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Becoming an Art Object

When we speak of the process of creating works of art we think of artists sitting in their studios and making something eternally beautiful while the imaginary chorus of muses is singing beside them. However, it is also possible for the artists to become the objects of art themselves in the genre of sculpture, for instance.

Living statues which present people fully dressed up like monuments first appeared in Latin America where three artists, Paco, Tonio and Peppe achieved great popularity in 70s of the previous century. Recently more and more living statues appear on the streets of tourist cities in different countries. Standing still and performing some image may seem of no particular difficult, but it appears not as easy as it looks from the first sight. If you want to become a living statue you should possess great patience, artistic skills and stamina.

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Anti-heroes of Feminine Dreams

As soon as the sounds of a wedding tune fade in the distance and the euphoria gets weaker the happy woman begins to look at her husband more carefully. Usually she aims to make clear who has turned out to be next to her. Is he really the hero of her black-and-white or technicolor sweetest dreams or maybe he appeared to be anti-hero right after the wedding ceremony. There is always a number of certain small things or sometimes hints that are not commonly noticed by the women before they marry their heroes. However in the most cases women prefer to ignore them deliberately. Alas they get disappointed right after the wedding. But in a certain moment the anti-hero speaks up. Well, let us be honest, he literally shouts about his desires and demands. And in his loud voice the anti-hero announces the following things.

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Casino Fraud – Top Skill

Casino is a symbol of easy money. However, the practice shows that casino always wins, but still lots of people want to try their luck in pursuit of golden dream. Some of them do not rely on their luck only and use fraud to win the price of their life.

One of the most cunning inventions of the humanity was radio-controlled ball for playing roulette. This great fraud was performed in 1973 by three participants – croupier, his brother-in-law who had the role of player and his sister who was always sitting beside the next table. The croupier put a radio sensor inside a roulette ball. When the game began, the woman activated sensor which was hidden in her pack of cigarettes and the ball fell into one of the defined holes. During a week these clever criminals have “won” about five thousands franks. The cameras of the casino failed to catch anything suspicious. It was the attractiveness of the woman which let the band down. The owner of the casino noticed a pretty brunette who was strangely always alone and held one and the same pack of cigarettes. So, he asked her a cigarette and the fraud was discovered.

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Three Enemies of Healthy Eating

As can easily be seen from the practice to lose weight is not just simple but extremely simple if you know the main rules. There are three main enemies of the perfect shape that are consumed in excessive amounts. They are saturated fat, sugar and alcohol.

The nature with its slow going process of evolution provided the human body with the unique ability to store the margin resources for the emergency situation. But no one could predict that in 1000 years a human being will switch to sitting in front of the television and laying on the sofa instead of hard working in the field to get the daily amount of food. Our ancestors stuck to the principle “eat while there is any food” and that helped them to survive. But the human learned how to get flour from the grain, to produce refined sugar and to turn the food into a poison.

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