Party ideas

Do you like to party? I do love to party and parties! I would be ready to organize parties every single day if I had a chance to do it. Anyway I try to do my best to organize parties. And seems like my friends like my parties as well. To tell the truth perfect party doesn’t take much money and effort. Many things depend on your desires and attitude. Are you surprised? Well, there is nothing special about it indeed.

As for me I do love pajama parties. For me it is the cheapest party. Usually I ask my friend to bring snacks and drinks. Everything they want. As the rule I’m responsible for music, place and other stuff. We are ready to chat, eat and play until getting to sleep. Also we like to watch horrors or tell scary stories. So we do whatever we want as if we are kids.

I’m a big fan of themed parties. Usually we organize themed parties when we celebrate someone’s birthday. Thus our favorite themes are disco party, children’s party, 90th flashback party. The funniest thing about themed parties is preparation when we are deciding how to dress up, how to make up, what to cook and what to drink. We argue and have fun at the same time. Preparation is an important and even essential part. Also I do love so called spa night parties when I invite my friends to put on facial masks, to polish nails and to get a massage. Strangely enough but guys do like to participate in it. Some of them even would be offended if we didn’t invite them. Frankly speaking spa nights initially were intended only for girls.

We also like to organize punch parties when we make fruit punch. To tell the truth I prefer to make everything myself and I do not like takeaways. My friends do not like it either. Someone is making punch, someone makes a dinner, someone is responsible for music, someone is responsible for decorations. So the more friends the better and funnier.

An essential part of our parties are funny games. I love to play Twister, Truth or Dare, Uno. We do like to play these games when we organize pajama parties. Also we like to build blanket forts. Yes, sometimes we fool like kids. So what? It is funny and relaxing. That’s’ why I try to organize parties at least twice a month because it is really worth it.

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