Casino Fraud – Top Skill

Casino is a symbol of easy money. However, the practice shows that casino always wins, but still lots of people want to try their luck in pursuit of golden dream. Some of them do not rely on their luck only and use fraud to win the price of their life.

One of the most cunning inventions of the humanity was radio-controlled ball for playing roulette. This great fraud was performed in 1973 by three participants – croupier, his brother-in-law who had the role of player and his sister who was always sitting beside the next table. The croupier put a radio sensor inside a roulette ball. When the game began, the woman activated sensor which was hidden in her pack of cigarettes and the ball fell into one of the defined holes. During a week these clever criminals have “won” about five thousands franks. The cameras of the casino failed to catch anything suspicious. It was the attractiveness of the woman which let the band down. The owner of the casino noticed a pretty brunette who was strangely always alone and held one and the same pack of cigarettes. So, he asked her a cigarette and the fraud was discovered.

Richard Marcus is probably one of the most famous fraudsters in the history of casino. His trick was extremely simple but earned him about five million dollars. Marcus pretended to be drunk and put a pile of two chips slightly slantwise to make the value of the lower one unreadable. The upper chip was equal to five dollars while the lower was of great value, but a croupier judging by the upper one always decided that the stake was not big. If Marcus lost he grabbed his chips not showing their real value. Of course, it was forbidden by the rules, but who wanted to argue with a drunk? But if he won he began to enjoy his victory in the loudest manner in order to attract as much attention as possible and revealed the lower chip to the amused audience. It is interesting, that Marcus’s secret was never discovered if he had not written memoirs where he described his trick.

In human society there are always people who try to outwit the system. However, when big sums of money are involved, this mission may appear to be difficult or even impossible as every system, casino included, properly protects its funds.

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