Aborigines of Amazon

In the deep jungles of the Amazon not far from the border of Brazil and Peru there was found one of the last primitive tribes that had had no contacts with the civilized wold ever before. This information was provided by the “Survival” magazine.

During the several flights over the areas that are hard to get a few photos were taken. In the tropical forests near the Brazilian state Acre the people with their bodies painted red were drawing the beads of their bows at the planes passing by over their heads. Another photo shows the group of approximately 15 people sitting next to their shelter.

The officials from the Brazil Department of the affairs connected with the aborigines who were taking part in the expedition noticed that the amount of such settlements is constantly growing. Due to the illegal clearance of the tropical forests the primitive tribes that used to dwell there have no other choice except moving to another place. These people who avoid contacting the civilization often decide to locate their colonies near the Brazil border. This may led to the numerous conflicts as this are is already occupied by the other groups of primitive people who won’t let the invaders take on them. The whole amount of these tribes settled next to the border approaches the number of 500 people.

There are about 100 tribes in the whole world that don’t get in touch with the civilization and lead the lifestyle of the prehistoric times. More than the half of these tribes dwell in Brazil and Peru. Their life is in danger because of the clearance as they lose their natural environment. During the recent years the explorers have ceased their constant visits to the aborigines not to bring the new infections to their villages. The native people usually have no immunity against a simple flu.

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