Three Enemies of Healthy Eating

As can easily be seen from the practice to lose weight is not just simple but extremely simple if you know the main rules. There are three main enemies of the perfect shape that are consumed in excessive amounts. They are saturated fat, sugar and alcohol.

The nature with its slow going process of evolution provided the human body with the unique ability to store the margin resources for the emergency situation. But no one could predict that in 1000 years a human being will switch to sitting in front of the television and laying on the sofa instead of hard working in the field to get the daily amount of food. Our ancestors stuck to the principle “eat while there is any food” and that helped them to survive. But the human learned how to get flour from the grain, to produce refined sugar and to turn the food into a poison.

  • Saturated fat is the substance with the highest calorific capacity. One gram of fat contains 9 calories which will be spent only after the organism is run out of the carbohydrates. But the human can’t live without fats as they are essential for soaking into the vitamins and other nutrients that can be broken up only by fat. The main thing is to remember that a human needs only a couple of teaspoons of fat each day. Control the intake of saturated fat by careful reading the labels not to consume too much by chance.

  • The thing that can be abandoned without any harm for the organism is the sugar. The producers of the refined sugar add some chemical substances that boost the flavor and may cause an addiction. Gradually we cease to feel the taste of the dairy products, tea or sauces if there is no sugar in them. If we refuse to consume the products that contain sugar we reduce the intake of the amount of calories per day. It is easy to find a better substitute for this white drug for our brain. Try to eat fresh fruit or a handful of nuts each time you want to drink a cup of sweet strong coffee or eat a sugary bun. Pay attention to the labels. Sugar can hide itself under the different names such as molasses, corn syrup, or fructose. The best source of carbohydrates is the dried fruit.

  • Alcohol is a real disaster from the healthy eating point of view. It is a real calorific bomb charged with the neurotoxic substances. If the alcoholic beverage is sweet add the chemical weapon to the frightening list. Even if a single bottle of beer contains 300 calories the alcohol can’t maintain our life as it doesn’t contain any nutritional value. It won’t bring you the feeling of being full but on the contrary it will stimulate your appetite. By drinking only two glasses of liqueur you may consume the half of the daily calorie intake without taking into account the destroying influence of the alcohol on the brain cells.
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