Party ideas

Do you like to party? I do love to party and parties! I would be ready to organize parties every single day if I had a chance to do it. Anyway I try to do my best to organize parties. And seems like my friends like my parties as well. To tell the truth perfect party doesn’t take much money and effort. Many things depend on your desires and attitude. Are you surprised? Well, there is nothing special about it indeed.

As for me I do love pajama parties. For me it is the cheapest party. Usually I ask my friend to bring snacks and drinks. Everything they want. As the rule I’m responsible for music, place and other stuff. We are ready to chat, eat and play until getting to sleep. Also we like to watch horrors or tell scary stories. So we do whatever we want as if we are kids.

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Gay stereotypes

People tend to think stereotypically. It is our nature. We tend to believe in something without thinking. We rare check the information we get. At least many of us. Quite often we think stereotypically only because it is the easiest way to think and see things in life. Especially it concerns things that seem to us to be abnormal. Well, everyone has his own idea of normality. So today I would like to describe some gay stereotypes. My aim? I would like to understand which of them may be true and which are false. So let’s see.

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Aborigines of Amazon

In the deep jungles of the Amazon not far from the border of Brazil and Peru there was found one of the last primitive tribes that had had no contacts with the civilized wold ever before. This information was provided by the “Survival” magazine.

During the several flights over the areas that are hard to get a few photos were taken. In the tropical forests near the Brazilian state Acre the people with their bodies painted red were drawing the beads of their bows at the planes passing by over their heads. Another photo shows the group of approximately 15 people sitting next to their shelter.

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Babes at the Museum

Have you ever thought about people visiting the museums? Who are they? Why do they come? What for? Are they watching art? Seriously? Are they tourists knowing nothing and just loiter about without any purpose pretending to be interested in art? Or maybe they are students studying art? Any ideas?

Of course all these people are very different and they are of different background. Frankly speaking I do not pay much attention to them. At least I have come to see the exhibition, haven’t I? What for waste your time staring at people you do not know and would never meet again? But some people have just another point of you that differs from mine desperately.

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The Star of Any Picnic

What can be better than being on the nature on a hot summer day, when the grass is so soft and the water in the nearby lake is so warm? Only being on the nature with the main summer dish – barbeque! Some of you will say that it is better to take ice-creams and fruit to the picnic but all the meat-eaters will agree with me that this stuff can not even be compared with meat.

The smell of smoke combined with the smell of fried meat, fresh air and light breeze, juicy pork or lamb on skewers…If you still think that something can be added to this ideal picture you may try the recipes of preparing meat for barbeque of different countries.

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Where to Eat in Greece

The Greek cuisine is an important part of the Hellenic culture and a pride of Geek people. The attitude of the Greek towards food and meals is very serious. They do not accept the concept of fast food as they are accustomed to eat their meals slowly enjoying every single piece of cheese and the smallest gulp of wine. The tradition to gather during the supper and discuss the events of the day makes the meal a good reason to try new food and to communicate with the members of the family. There is a wide variety of places to eat in Greece. The next list will help you to choose the best one depending on your desire either to have a few bites of pastry with a glass of fresh juice or to eat out in a luxurious interior with the accompaniment of classical music.

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The World’s Creepiest Picture

What do we know about this creepy picture? It was painted by Bill Stoneham. The scandal started after on of the exhibitions. The viewers with a weaker nervous system began to faint and cry after glancing at this picture. The story began in 1972 when Bill Stoneham found and old photo of himself aged 5 and created a composition based on this old picture.

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