Anti-heroes of Feminine Dreams

As soon as the sounds of a wedding tune fade in the distance and the euphoria gets weaker the happy woman begins to look at her husband more carefully. Usually she aims to make clear who has turned out to be next to her. Is he really the hero of her black-and-white or technicolor sweetest dreams or maybe he appeared to be anti-hero right after the wedding ceremony. There is always a number of certain small things or sometimes hints that are not commonly noticed by the women before they marry their heroes. However in the most cases women prefer to ignore them deliberately. Alas they get disappointed right after the wedding. But in a certain moment the anti-hero speaks up. Well, let us be honest, he literally shouts about his desires and demands. And in his loud voice the anti-hero announces the following things.

First of all you realize that you have not only the rights but also the duties. The main duty is to clean up all over the house. The anti-hero supposes that cleaning up is something similar to a pleasant slow walking. So he thinks that every day cleaning and hard and proper cleaning of all the house once a week is as easy as falling off a log. Aren’t you tired yet? Have a rest and tidy up in his garage. Oh and put all the winter shoes in a plastic bag if the warm weather lasts more than five days. Moreover you have to organize proper hot meals for your anti-hero. And you’d better learn to cook not only salads and sashimi.

Another important thing is that you are to be ready in a minute each time he pops up with the idea to visit an evening performance. Though you are always to be ready and meet him in a fresh snow-white silk gown looking no worse than a pre-raphaelite muse right after cleaning the house.

You are allowed to have relatives and friends but they should be respectful and live as far as possible. If you think that it’s not what you want you may rectify your anti-hero. If he agrees.

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