Becoming an Art Object

When we speak of the process of creating works of art we think of artists sitting in their studios and making something eternally beautiful while the imaginary chorus of muses is singing beside them. However, it is also possible for the artists to become the objects of art themselves in the genre of sculpture, for instance.

Living statues which present people fully dressed up like monuments first appeared in Latin America where three artists, Paco, Tonio and Peppe achieved great popularity in 70s of the previous century. Recently more and more living statues appear on the streets of tourist cities in different countries. Standing still and performing some image may seem of no particular difficult, but it appears not as easy as it looks from the first sight. If you want to become a living statue you should possess great patience, artistic skills and stamina.

First of all, you should think of a character you will perform and create the relevant costume. The personage should be recognizable and it should match the place where you are standing as well. For instance, it is a good idea to perform the statue of some musician in front of local concert hall. It is also recommended to cover your head, as your hair can spoil the image by looking too real. Use a wig or a hat which will suit your idea best.

Then, choose a posture which does not require much energy from you as you will stand long hours frozen in this position. Develop also some simple movement to amuse the audience from time to time. If the statue suddenly comes alive and gives a kiss or a wink it will produce great impression on the passerby people.

Breathing is the process which can let you down, so you should control it and make it less noticeable. Breathe calm and deep. Do not be afraid to change your posture slightly from time to time. Small changes will remain unnoticed to the public, and you will be saved from cramps.

Another important factor you should take into account to become a living art object is your make-up. You should be fully covered with paint. It is better to use light shades as they attract more attention.

Finally, while playing the role of living statue you should resist the temptation to scare the children by jumping or shouting at them. Seeing a monument come alive may appear to be a severe psychological shock for them.

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