Interesting Facts About Singapore

1.The word “Singapore” defines the country, the city and the capital at the same time.

2. Singapore covers the territory of one big island, but it also includes 63 small islands, most of them are uninhabited.

3. Singapore is located at the equator and the sun here is very cruel: you can get a solar burn even when the sky is cloudy.

4. In spite of the heat, sun tan isn’t popular there. Skin bleaching products are probably the most wanted products on the racks of the local beauty stores.

5. Singapore Changi Airport is the biggest airport in Southeast Asia. Airports Council International (ACI) called Singapore Changi Airport the second best airport in the world.

6. Singapore is often called “Fine city” because of the country’s strict rules and hefty fines.

7. Indeed, you would be charged with $500 fine if spit on the ground, smoking and littering in public places and eating in public transport

8. One of the weirdest restrictions is watering the plants and leaving the water in the underpan. The point is the water attracts mosquitoes that are the carriers of malaria and pyrexia.

9. Alongside with fines, there are also corporal punishments like blows with reed sticks. This is the punishment for attempted murder, robbery, rape, and vandalism.

10. Domestic corporal punishment of children is a widespread phenomenon there. You can find special light reed sticks for kids’ punishment in the stores.

11. Death penalty is legalized in Singapore. The convicts are hanged for drug dealing, cruel murders, high treason, infringement on President’s life, etc.

12. Prostitution is also legalized in this country.

13. Due to severe laws and punishments, Singapore is considered to be one of the safest countries. There are not much police in the streets but a lot of security cameras.

14. Singapore doesn’t have its own natural resources and imports everything from Malaysia, including sand and water.

15. Singapore is world’s healthiest country. High general health index is the result of healthy and quality food local people eat.

16. Local cuisine is very diverse and the ingredients are always fresh regardless of the restaurant’s level.

17. People eat with chopsticks, spoons, forks and sometimes with their right hands (left hand is considered to be “dirty” and isn’t used during the process of eating).

18. Life expectancy in Singapore is 80 years.

19. There are 2 ethnic districts in the city: Little India and China Town.

20. Unlike other Asian countries, Singapore has high economic level, high income level per capita, and almost no beggars.

21. Local women are obsessed with expensive brand clothes and accessories, especially Louis Vuitton bags.

22. There is a legend that the city of Singapore was built according to the canons of feng shui.

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