Gay stereotypes

People tend to think stereotypically. It is our nature. We tend to believe in something without thinking. We rare check the information we get. At least many of us. Quite often we think stereotypically only because it is the easiest way to think and see things in life. Especially it concerns things that seem to us to be abnormal. Well, everyone has his own idea of normality. So today I would like to describe some gay stereotypes. My aim? I would like to understand which of them may be true and which are false. So let’s see.

They say that gays are crazy about fashion. It is believed that gays do like to dress up. Well, it might be true. At the same time one should distinguish between gays, metrosexuals and transvestites. I mean sometimes you can hardly recognize a gay among others. Of course there are gays who spend plenty of time and money on appearance. So what? The same obsession may concern anyone.

Some are sure that only gays prefer to be fashion bloggers, stylists or designers. Well, it is the most widespread and common stereotype about gays. Some stylists and designers look very feminine indeed. But it doesn’t mean all of them are gays. I’m sure there are lots of gays who are more interested in “masculine” activities. Also they say that gays hate sport. Well, it is strange indeed to think so. Then what would you say about Justin Fashanu or Matthew Mitcham? There are lots of open gays among sportsmen

They say that all gays are drama queens because they are moms’ boys. C’mon, what the point to think so? It has absolutely nothing in common with actual facts. I mean this stereotype is the most inaccurate I have ever heard. They are very different and to tell the truth I have never met among them drama queens. Please stop thinking in such a manner.

It is believed that gays change their partners quite often. It seems to many that gays are not interested in long-term relations. I’m afraid this stereotype stems from pop culture. There are many movies and stories regarding this stereotype. Well, I know personally some gays who have been dating their partners for a long period of time. Moreover some of them are planning to get married and adopt a child. So for me it is quite strange to read about promiscuous gays who are interested in sex only. I mean there are such gays of course. But once again it means absolutely nothing.

It is believed that many gays are addicted to drugs. And they also think that it is their habit to combine sex with drugs. It seems to me that this stereotype also appeared under mass media influence. I mean I have never known such gays. I have only heard some stories about some gays. I mean it is very strange for me indeed.

So you should avoid all of these stereotypes as for some gays they are quite offensive and painful.

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2 Responses to Gay stereotypes

  1. danc09 says:

    The photo you’ve used — a transvestite — indicates that she is gay. While she may well be, is this photo part of what you mean by stereotyping gays? Or is this stereotyping the transgender community? Perhaps the transgendered woman in the photo identifies as gay, but there is no info on her in the caption.

  2. danc09 says:

    Is there a reason you chose a transvestite as a showcase for gay stereotypes? Is she gay? Interesting article.

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