Babes at the Museum

Have you ever thought about people visiting the museums? Who are they? Why do they come? What for? Are they watching art? Seriously? Are they tourists knowing nothing and just loiter about without any purpose pretending to be interested in art? Or maybe they are students studying art? Any ideas?

Of course all these people are very different and they are of different background. Frankly speaking I do not pay much attention to them. At least I have come to see the exhibition, haven’t I? What for waste your time staring at people you do not know and would never meet again? But some people have just another point of you that differs from mine desperately.

Babes at the Museum is a photo project touching on the theme related to all these questions. Blogger Xavier Aaronson is the author of the idea. Thus one day he decided to take pictures of fancy and attractive girls attending the museums. Does it remind you something? Oh yeah, it is some kind of a street fashion project depicting fashionistas but this time in the museums. Sometimes they really look just as well as art pieces of the museum they visit. We see them staring at the artworks, sometimes they are posing in front of the camera, sometimes they pretend ignoring a photographer. Anyway they are in the very focus of Xavier’s attention. They are young, cute, some of them are childish, some are serious, and of course all of them are smart and savvy. You can even compare this arty girls with art works exhibited in the museums as Aaronson does along with his team.

In an interview Xavier described his initial intentions, “It’s a concept photo project that examines the unnoticed style and camouflaged flair of those who roam through the world’s most exquisite museums. The parameters are simple: Encounter must be by chance, must ignore requests from security guards and should be a participatory experience with the “babes”. BATM hopes to open people’s eyes to the style and elegance at the museum that they don’t pick up on because they’re too busy staring at the exhibited art”.

So literally Xavier tries to attract your attention to people you may never notice visiting the Museum of Modern Art or the Metropolitan for example. He does it for you. “Art boosts beauty and beauties are drawn to art. Problem is, too many babes at museums fail to be properly noticed when the art exhibition becomes the main attraction”. By the way his has his own blog wherein uploads all the pictures of the chicks he shot. Some of them are too outrageous to pose naked against the background of the greatest paintings and sculptures. The content can be offensive for connoisseur of art though.

Later Aaronson decided to develop his idea and nowadays you can find interviews with the chicks he decided to get acquainted with. You can find out what some of them are prefer in art and fashion of course. Enjoy it!

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