The Star of Any Picnic

What can be better than being on the nature on a hot summer day, when the grass is so soft and the water in the nearby lake is so warm? Only being on the nature with the main summer dish – barbeque! Some of you will say that it is better to take ice-creams and fruit to the picnic but all the meat-eaters will agree with me that this stuff can not even be compared with meat.

The smell of smoke combined with the smell of fried meat, fresh air and light breeze, juicy pork or lamb on skewers…If you still think that something can be added to this ideal picture you may try the recipes of preparing meat for barbeque of different countries.

For example, if you want your meat dish to have Mediterranean taste, marinade it in olive oil with herbs. On the East it is popular to marinade the meat in fermented milk products, like kefir with lemon, mint, pepper, ginger, curry and coriander.

If you are planning to organize your picnic in a Chinese style, use soy sauce with dry wine, garlic, ginger, pepper and honey as the marinade. The Greek version presents a mix of pomegranate juice with vodka in proportion 4:1.

The Australians also have an interesting method of preparing the meat for barbeque. They marinade the mutton in strong tea for five hours, then the product is pierced with fork for a great number of times and powdered with onion.

Of course, every star needs to be followed by proper escort. In case with barbeque this escort is presented by sauce. If you think that ketchup is too boring to accompany the meat you invent some sauce of your own. For instance, combine mustard with vinegar, add lemon juice, pepper and sugar and simmer it for 30 minutes over a low heat. The proportions depend on your own taste.

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