Where to Eat in Greece

The Greek cuisine is an important part of the Hellenic culture and a pride of Geek people. The attitude of the Greek towards food and meals is very serious. They do not accept the concept of fast food as they are accustomed to eat their meals slowly enjoying every single piece of cheese and the smallest gulp of wine. The tradition to gather during the supper and discuss the events of the day makes the meal a good reason to try new food and to communicate with the members of the family. There is a wide variety of places to eat in Greece. The next list will help you to choose the best one depending on your desire either to have a few bites of pastry with a glass of fresh juice or to eat out in a luxurious interior with the accompaniment of classical music.

  • Tavernas is the most widespread type of cafes in Greece as I suppose. They don’t lay a claim to be disgusting and ritzy as a rule. However don’t be mislead by its shabby walls while looking for a nice place to have supper. The Greek cook splendid meals. The menu with prices is often hold in front of the entrance so you always have the opportunity to compare the dishes and the cost. The matter is that the interesting feature of the Greek tavernas is the allowance to go straight to the kitchen and to observe the whole process of preparing the meals. The Greek appreciate the quality of the food they eat but also they value the midday rest. Though they are not less devoted fans of siesta than Italians this rule doesn’t spread on tavernas’ working hours.

  • Estiatorio is a Greek restaurant. It is more ritzy option than taverna. Apart from the signboard it can be recognized by the look of the waiters. In tavernas the atmosphere is more relaxed and the waiters may be wearing jeans and T-shirts but the estiatorio owners make higher demands to the stuff’s clothes. This is a more official place so the prices are coordinately higher.
  • Psistaia is the type of the cafe specializing in meat- grilled, braised or fried. The dishes that you may try there are made of chicken, lamb or pork.

  • Galaktopoleia is a dairy shop in Greece. “Gala” means “milk” in Greek. The usual assortment of these shops are eggs, bread, pudding, yoghurt and cheese. Some of them offer a cheap breakfast consisting of a cup of tea or coffee with a cottage cheese bun. They also may sell the homemade ice-cream which is worth to be tried.
  • Kafeina is a special type of places with its own history. A long time ago they allowed only men to come in and sit down for a cup of coffee. Nowadays women also may visit the last chauvinistic stronghold, but there is a chance that in the village they will be met there with a slight surprise. What one will see there? Beer, coffee, cigarettes, playing cards and endless discussion of the government.
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