The World’s Creepiest Picture

What do we know about this creepy picture? It was painted by Bill Stoneham. The scandal started after on of the exhibitions. The viewers with a weaker nervous system began to faint and cry after glancing at this picture. The story began in 1972 when Bill Stoneham found and old photo of himself aged 5 and created a composition based on this old picture.

The first one to see this frightening painting was the art analyst of Los Angeles Times who passed away a week later.

It may be a simple coincidence or may be not. Then the picture was purchased by the actor John Marley who died in 1984. And the most interesting succession of events starts to happen. The painting was found by a family in the pile of rubbish in the street. The parents took it into their house and hanged on the wall of their children’s room. At the first night the 4-years old daughter rushed into her parents’ bedroom with a cry of terror. She claimed that the boy and a girl on the picture were fighting. The next night the father brought a camera which with a movement sensor and put it in front of the picture. The camera was switched on several times during the night. The awful masterpiece was put forward the E-bay for sell. Soon the administrators began to receive a huge amount of e-mails with the complaints about the headaches, fainting and even heart-attacks written by the users of the website who were looking at the picture for a long time. There was a warning under the picture that it could do harm but the E-bay visitors didn’t pay any attention to that. Finally the picture was sold for $ 1025 while the start price was $199. It was bought by Kim Smith, who lived in a small town next to Chicago. He had his flat just renovated and was searching for some interior details. When he came across “Hands Resist Him” he thought that this picture was painted in the early 40s and will match his living room perfectly. This could be a happy ending but Kim started getting letters from his neighbors that they feel the evil powers from his house. He was offered the offer from the famous exorcists Ed and Lorraine Warrens who claimed to notice a child wearing a blue T-shirt and his junior sister whose face was strange near the Smith’s house. They told that they had a short conversation with the children and their names were Tom and Laura.

So what is wrong with the picture? The matter is that all the proportions aren’t natural for a human being. The head of the boy is flattened and his face reminds of a piece of raw dough. Have a look at the door. Don’t you have the feeling that the height of the boy is exceeding the height of an adult man and the door is enormous? The hands behind the unseen obstacle seem to be too small. The alternated human features create the impression of the unknown creatures threatening the viewer.

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