My favorite films of Wes Anderson

In my post I would like to share my admiration and interest in movies of Wes Anderson. I have recently watched some of his masterpieces and I just can’t stop admiring his style and manner of work. So let’s start from the very beginning. Wes Anderson is an American director and screenwriter. Almost all of his movies are executed in similar manner and style: short dialogues, uneasy and almost artificial performance of main characters. He prefers saturated and intense colors exposing them in every single detail of his films. But dry humor is the only thing I love in his movies. The characters of Wes Anderson’s films are calm and stone-faced but at the same time they have good sense of humor. They often remind me Buster Keaton’s characters he brilliantly performed. Their actions and state of mind depend on nothing whether it is joy or grief. Sometimes it seems like they never smile. Well, they do but very occasionally and of course accidentally as if it happens by chance, as if it is a mistake. It is not a mistake that pretty often his cast includes Jason Schwartzman, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray. Not bad really.

My favorite films by Wes Anderson are the Royal Tenenbaums (2001) and the Darjeeling Limited (2007). Both are comedy-dramas and have lots of in common visually and thematically. The first one is about wealthy family of Tenenbaums, about generation gap, ambitions and failures of young people. It shows what usually happens to us when our dreams come true and when they don’t. What we feel when we win and when we fail. For me is it kind of a patchwork of my own dreams and expectations, of my disappointments and frustrations and maybe that’s exactly why it is my favorite movie. Chas, Margot and Richie are kids of successful and prosperous Royal Tanenbaum. All of them are talented and prospective. But later everything changes and their lives differ from their dreams and hopes. It seems like there is nothing special in the plot, but the style, dialogues, visual effects are just perfect all together as usually. Strongly recommended to watch.

The Darjeeling Limited depicts story of three brothers who travel around India. And again Wes Anderson touches on the theme of family relations. Three brothers are absolutely different, they quarrel a lot and their reunion seems to be unreasonable. Their trip is supposed to be a visit of their mother, then it turns out to be some kind of spiritual self-discovery and finally it appears to be anything but this. But actually it doesn’t matter at all. His film is not about a story which as a rule is very ironic and absurd. Any story of Wes Anderson’s movies is just a cause that is very simple and plain. His movies are about family relations, family secrets, and again it is about despair and disappointments in our life.

I’m looking forward to watching Moonrise Kingdom that has been just released. This time Wes Anderson is interested in absolutely different subject. But trailers as well as film reviews show he never betrays his style. Good for him indeed.

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