Celtic Paradise

Since the ancient times the people of all cultures and places inhabiting the Earth have sought for the sacred places where they could feel themselves closer to gods. In such places there were the fundamentals of the world religions tempted and the old mysteries happened. If you wish to feel the enchantments of the old magical places the best country to visit would probably be the UK.

In the middle of the smooth plain of Somerset lays the legendary Glastonbury Hill with a stone tower on its peak. The little town at the base of the hill and the suburbs are practically saturated with the pagan legends, Celtic folklore and the Christian traditions. Long ago is was the place of worshiping of the cosmic goddess, who was considered to the mother of the Earth. She was depicted as terrifying and punishing, but in the same time fertile and giving the life to every being.

Later the Celts gave this hill the name “Avalon”, which means “the island of apples”.
Many years ago this place was a group of islands situated in a marshy lowlands. Today the archeologists find the parts of the boats in which the ancient Celts reached this gloomy place. This silent corner of the world was considered to be the gate to the other world. The Celtic druids believed that here lived the fairies who gave the just persons the magic apples which would make them live forever.

Today the tourists may go up the hill walking along the serpentine road. They say that this road was paved by the Celts more than two and a half thousand of years ago when they had just arrived the British Isles. This road symbolizes the Earthly Snake and possesses the magic power.

Another ancient legend says that the tomb of the King Arthur is also situated here. The tourists however only have the opportunity to see the modest sign table with the phrase “Here on the Avalon Island rests in peace the noble King Arthur”. That is all the honors to the legendary hero of England.

Here the tourists have the great opportunity to see another sacred place – the tomb of Joseph of Arimathie. According to the old parable this saint arrived on the British isles after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and put his hock deep in the soil. The hock was blossoming for many years later.
The last blossom is believed to match the Christmas. Now the tourists may see the numerous apple trees and try to guess which of the is a holy artifact.

It is also widely believed that the saint Joseph of Arimathie has also carried the cup which contained the blood of Jesus Christ. According to the ancient legend this cup was hidden at the base of Glastonbury and later from this place gushed the spring of holy water. Nowadays the place attracts numerous pilgrims and the tourists may see the real cases of healing.
That is where the old legend about the Saint Grail takes its beginning.

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