Aphrodisiacs – Food for Pleasure

Women often associate food with some unpleasant things like gaining extra weight, heaviness in the stomach or long hours of cooking in the kitchen. But do not forget that some food may bring you pleasure which is not connected with eating at all. I speak of aphrodisiacs, the substances which help to stimulate desire, sex drive and sex appetite as well. The name comes from the Greek goddess of love and sexual appeal, Aphrodite.

Among the most popular aphrodisiacs are strawberries, oyster, shrimps and asparagus. The point is that these products contain some minerals which are needed to increase the level of testosterone. For instance, the oysters are rich with zinc which performs this function. Aphrodite arises from the sea in the legend on the oyster, and it is not accidentally. Other aphrodisiacs increase your hormone level which makes you want to be left alone with your partner for as long as possible. For this purpose bananas prove to be very effective as they contain potassium and vitamin B. Chocolate is another powerful product to fill us with endorphins which increase our excitement and elation.

It is better to use the combination of aphrodisiacs, like, for instance, strawberries with chocolate and wine. The effect produced by them would be greater if you follow some simple recipes and cook some delicious dishes with these ingredients. You do not need to be an experienced cook, as these dishes do not require any special skills from you.

You may start with the simplest recipe – roasted asparagus. Preheat the oven to 400 °F, then place asparagus there, add some pepper, garlic and salt and cook it for about ten minutes.

If you have succeeded with preparing this dish but think that it is not enough for your romantic evening you may cook roasted bananas as well. The principle is the same – preheat the oven to 350 °F, split bananas down the middle and put them n the sheet. I advise to add some butter, cinnamon and almonds and cook this stuff for about ten minutes. Serve the dish warm, and, to make the effect even more impressive, pour some melted chocolate on it.

Another recipe which you should use to make the night unforgettable is Santa Ana fruit salad. The secret of this salad is in the fact that it contains all sorts of aphrodisiac fruit at once – green apples, pineapples, grapes, bananas and mango. Sprinkle this salad with chili powder or any other spicy stuff, as spicy food is well-known for its aphrodisiac effect.

There are also special herbs which are said to wake up libido and increase physical pleasure. Among the most popular of them are fenugreek and ginseng. Arginine is another product that it is known as a powerful aphrodisiac. Nuts, cheese and eggs are rich in arginine, so do not forget to use these ingredients while preparing romantic supper. For instance, you may roast almonds with brown sugar and butter. These nuts will rich the desired crispiness in about seven to ten minutes.

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